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Mini Skateboards Are the Revolution

Updated: May 7, 2022

I learned this week that these exist. The operator of this was chaotic at best. We went to a sushi restaurant, and they proceeded to launch sushi rice with great prowess from the edge of their Tech Deck.

When you can't skateboard irl (that means "in real life," for people that aren't down with the kids), you can either get a finger skateboard or invest in gear depicting finger skateboards, such as our revolutionary finger skateboard products.

Are you a part of the revolution? Do you eat, sleep, and drink the skater lyfe?

Fingers are not known to wear pants. If the fingers on the mini skateboards were legs, there would certainly be buttcheeks. So for realism and enhancement of the fantasy, complimentary buttcheeks have been added.

To take the fantasy even further, the finger skateboard has a unicorn horn so that you can be amongst only the most mythical of creatures. To learn more about different types of unicorns, you will not want to miss our blog post on Different Types of Unicorns that You Need to Know.

Is your life aspiration to become one with the skateboards? Get Into It (Yuh).

We at JC Designs are here to help you fulfill your dreams of being a skater boi. (See you later boi!)

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